Winter Rye

Berwyn, Illinois




Ramble Two


We’ve been pondering the speed at which our lives seem to be moving, remembering when time passed slowly, when twenty-four hours felt just about right and winter vacation lasted a lifetime. It wasn’t that long ago that the days stretched in front of us with the promise of endless possibilities. The slowness we crave is simply a return to that earlier pace, the one we once thought of as normal.

What seems to be missing in our lives is not time, but intention – a willingness to savor the moment. Lingering over a meal to discuss a newly released film. Setting aside time to read the 700-page book instead of listening to it while running errands. Discussing the merits of an art exhibit over a cup of coffee served in a ceramic mug instead of a paper cup.

On the first walk of the new year, our footing challenged by snow, we decided that 2016 would be a year of rediscovering human speed. Will we succeed? We have no idea. We’re taking it one step at a time, beginning with saying no to meaningless distractions that sometimes inundate our lives. Instead, we’ll focus on the people and things and activities that mean the world to us.

Happy new year. Take it slow.