Winter Rye

Berwyn, Illinois


Ramble Four

We’ve been thinking a lot about the sun these days. After all, it’s August in the Midwest and hard to ignore the sun. Yet even when the polar vortex was upon us this winter, we were aware of the power generated by our closest star as the automatic vent on our greenhouse opened each sunny day to moderate the temperature inside. With the sun’s power visible in our own backyard, we decided to take that energy into our own hands.

At the beginning of the year we had fourteen solar panels put on our house and, for the better part of this year, have been generating enough power to meet our electrical needs with excess going back to the grid. Most exciting, however, is that some of that power is being used to fire our kiln.

We are proud to have a stronger connection to the natural world and to announce that Winter Rye pottery is now fired using the rays of the sun.