Winter Rye

Berwyn, Illinois


Ramble Three


It’s funny how one incident leads to the next.


Last winter we experienced several days of 70mph winds that remind us, although the grasses are gone, we still live on a prairie. The six-foot fences on the north and west side of our garden and the old raised beds that were in the way of the fall were destroyed.

As we picked up the pieces, we thought about the garden, what it brings to our lives, how it could be improved. That led to the installation of new, stronger fences designed to withstand high winds and deeper beds with significantly more room in which to grow.

While we worked, we began to wonder if it would be possible to extend the growing season into the winter months. A greenhouse now stands in the garden and we’re reading winter gardening books by growers from Maine and France in anticipation of the cold weather now only weeks away.

We’re applying the same lessons in our studios. A threading error while warping the loom led to the addition of a single colored strand. That orange thread – reminiscent of longitudinal lines on a map – inspired a new line of work soon to be released. Mishaps are now seen as opportunities offering new ways of seeing. If we’re willing to take the time to look.