Winter Rye

Berwyn, Illinois

Hanging Garden Vessel


We cultivate a small herb garden and enjoy the flavors offered throughout the summer. Recently, we discovered that if plant clippings are kept in water, they develop roots. This faceted vessel is our response to new knowledge. Clippings from your garden or your grocery store placed in these porcelain vessels with water, will root in 3-4 weeks. The taste of summer all year round! Also wonderful as a hanging cactus garden. Available in white with grey, lavender, chartreuse, robin’s egg blue, or yellow interior glazes or in a limited range of outside colors (as shown). All with a leather cord ready for hanging. Please specify color when ordering.

P.S. Once rooted, the plants can be planted in soil in the same vessel and replaced in the garden the following spring. A kind of natural recycling!

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